- by T.D. Bumppo, 1989

mira! mira!
a gum chewing,
trash throwing
spick kiss-sucks his
pregnant girlfriend on the subway
while screaming about his puppy dog.

the whites glance uneasily
to their sides riding down
town from the bronx
after a fire on the commuter train.

two hefty lesbians
smelling of liquor board
bored with each other and
turn to the POST and THE TIMES
and are jostled just the
same as the homely girl
with huge gold earings
which almost distract from her
ugly cheeks and lips.

otherwise, a guy on
too much (or not enough)
lithium paces up and down the car
while a dark muslim
begs for change for the children
and i sit silently cursing the injustice of it all.